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So why the title "The Cotton Picker Scat?" It ties into some great family history of mine!
My literary research thus far has proven to be priceless. I want to share my failures, my joys, my successes, my lessons. My story.

Because what is mine, may also be yours.

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Friday, September 10, 2010


        Fortunately, I am not disturbed to the point of wanting to light a match to any of the Quran haters who are making the news. I am disturbed by those who claim to be patriotic, God-fearing Americans, who cannot in any way, shape or form, prove their venomous statements. If we are to respect the Constitution, then respect it all. I would imagine that those who are ready to deny religious freedom would be on the streets in protest if you tried to repeal the right to bear arms.

         I am a Christian, and happy to be so. It was an act of faith that was my choice. Christianity is a garment for my soul that fits me very well. And having read the bible a lot, I can tell you straight up that Jesus did not condone his people burning  property that didn’t belong to them. He never said that if someone disagrees with you, vilify them. He never tried to blackmail someone into following him.  He always gave people choices. He did teach, however, that making the wrong personal choice may catch up with you later. But his actions never involved, let’s say, hmmm, burning your boat if you didn’t put down your nets to follow him.
        I don’t need hateful teachers who spout words of anger without proving them. I need what the Bible teaches in the New Testament. I need to examine myself to make sure what I speak is pure and honest. I gotta look in the mirror, and judge myself first. I need to love, to encourage, to help, and to teach.  To love God, and to love others. The colors of Christ are warm, encouraging, inviting. Not cold and hateful.

"Jesus is Love!" The Commodores

        So would u media folk please find another story? Can u talk about Ms. Lohan some more? (God bless her.) Didn’t someone somewhere get stuck in an air shaft trying to rob a bank?  Would you please turn the camera off this guy in Florida, and anyone else who sounds like him?

        They ain’t representin'. 

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