As with everyone, my life is a personal journey. Recent events have illuminated surprising and unknown pieces of my foundation. As I continue my adventure, I intend to share my thoughts

0n relationships,

current events, and the multifaceted landscape of our society.

So why the title "The Cotton Picker Scat?" It ties into some great family history of mine!
My literary research thus far has proven to be priceless. I want to share my failures, my joys, my successes, my lessons. My story.

Because what is mine, may also be yours.

I'm glad you're here! The journey of the cotton picker continues…

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm Hip

One of my BFF's calls me a "Face Book fool." I tweet, blog, chat, and text. Voice mail is for babies. I sign into CNET regularly, and I am on the Email list of several online forums. I built my son's computer. I receive all Tiger Direct/CompUSA mailings as they continue to struggle with their identity. I have a net book, and a printer/fax/scanner combo that I hooked up wirelessly to all said devices. By myself. I live on a cloud.

Currently, I own an HTC EVO. I rooted the phone myself, running Vaelpak ROM. This means I have customized the unit so that I have more control and choice over appearance and applications. Not an easy task. I keep up with all the latest tech reviews and announcements via @admillios.  I hope that Sprint offers a version of the upcoming Nexus Prime, because I don't want to transition to an iOS platform. So I'm looking forward to the release of the Galaxy S III, just in time for my upgrade. It should drop during Q1 or Q2.  I REALLY want an ice cream sandwich.

Am I speaking in a foreign tongue to you? Do I want a real ice cream sandwich, or a virtual one? Ha ha...get with it. If you are unaware of any of the information regarding my tech knowledge, I consider you beneath me. You are an amateur. In the class system of technology, you are unworthy, low-level, and on the verge of becoming a moron. Why am I so pumped up about this? Because I'm 54 years old.

And I'm hip.

An IBM PC similar to my first workplace computer! 

Very few men and women in their 50's are as tech savvy as I am. It is an amazing world to me. While most technological advances can be just ho-hum occurences, I am in awe when even the slightest tech advancement is announced. Tempus fugit. When I was in high school, I about lost my mind when I was able to buy a pocket calculator at Walgreens. A wireless phone? Back in the day, not only were they wired, you couldn't even unplug them...from the unit or the wall. Hey, you had time to go to the kitchen and make a sandwich while the television warmed up. Black and white television, that is. Can  you say 'solid state?' (No, it's not a political term.)

In May, 2012, I will officially be a speed limit on most interstate highways. I have arguments with my father over who gets the AARP credit when we simultaneously flash our cards. It's shameful that, at 92, he sometimes shows his card quicker than I do. I hope I'm blessed with much more improved pavement on the expressway of my life. However, turning 55 is a bit of a big deal to me. At times, I enjoy the signs of aging. Less energy, more wisdom. Less shame and guilt, more forgivness and hope. Less condemnation, more self-reflection. Less novice and kid, more elder and mentor. Less extravagant, more pragmatic. Less Bose, more Dynex.

Praying that God grants me the opportunity to work through some current kinks, I look forward to the future. We as a society seem to always denigrate whatever young generation is the current bullseye. The truth is, past generations have not always let the sun shine in. I look forward to supporting young men and women as they try to clean up this mess of economic and societal distress. My mission is to offer guidance and encouragement to young adults that have been raised in an enviroment of greed, negligence, broken promises, and little-to-no integrity. I need to be prepared to assist them using their own tools.

(did you buy that?)

Okay, okay. While all of the above is true, I'm also just a big kid with childhood completion issues. So what? All this techno-stuff is fun. I'm completing my masters in communications. I've got to keep up with what's happening! And I refuse to use Centrum Silver for no reason. One of  'the kids' I used to teach in Sunday school a couple of decades ago referred to me recently on Facebook: "Bro. Brantford! He was the bomb!" Wow. I feel like a CareBear sitting on sale at Target next to an XBox 360 bundled with two Kinect consoles.

Well, let me tell you one thing. I am a former 'mayor' of a local restaurant, and I'm gonna get that honor back.

Hopefully, Applebee's will supply feeding tubes for card-carrying AARP members.